Sweet Dreams are made of

Jonathon Young. Well, at least in my view. Also I apologize in advance if Jonathon or Kim ever discover this but all the other good URLs were taken and well. It just seemed fitting ok ;;).
Probably everything I post here won't be my property but I'll try to give credit every time. If I forget that however and you find something that belongs to you please say so.

Posted on Flickr. Credit David Blue. Best. Resolution. Ever.

More pictures from The Score

More pictures from Hamlet. Credit David Blue

Well I know there aren’t many of you who have this movie… So yeah. I screencaped the first part. More will follow soon.

The Score, 2005. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0483795/

Produced by Electric Company Theater and Screen Siren Pictures.

Promo photos for Twelfth Night

Credit David Blue

Promo pictures for Hamlet. Yes, I know. Credit goes to David Cooper and David Blue.

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